Write. Meeting or lecture notes, instructions on how to build a bicycle, 10 steps to happiness and fulfilment, or a simple post about your day. Write anything you want. Format it or keep it simple. It’s your QuikPub.

Publish. Hit the publish button and your QuikPub is live and ready to share on its own unique URL. But no one knows it’s there — not until you tell them.

Share. Share the link with anyone. Your friends, colleagues, online bros and gal pals, or the assembled hordes of Reddit. And don’t forget to copy your Edit URL so you (and only you) can make changes later!

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Publish a QuikPub


Publish and share in seconds

That’s no exaggeration. No need to sign-up for an account. No waiting for emails or SMS messages. No delay, no fuss, and no constraints (kind of).

Type your post directly into QuikPub’s rich text editor, or copy and paste from Word or wherever else your content might be. Hit the Publish button and you’re done.

All you have to do then is copy the unique Share URL provided and post it anywhere you wish. On Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Reddit… anywhere. Or share with friends or colleagues via email, Slack or Teams.

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QuikPubs are a super fast method for you to create and publish long or short form content quickly that you can then link to across social media.

And don’t forget to copy and bookmark your unique Edit URL too! That’s if you think you might want to edit or delete it later. If you lose the Edit URL you lose control over the QuikPub. No more editing. No deleting.

But… please only publish content that you own the rights to and that is legal in respectable countries. Break this rule and there will be flying monkeys!!


Social media posts
Tired of writing the same content on sub Reddits, in blog comments, on Facebook and LinkedIn? Create a single QuikPub and share it everywhere. Update it and it’s updated everywhere.


Post anonymously
Want to say something a little controversial? Want to hide your real name from friends and family? Post a QuikPub as “Jane Blogs”, then share the link you found online.


Share with a select few
Before you post to Medium or to your own blog, write a QuikPub and share it with a few people. Get some feedback before you commit to your regular platform and readers. Then delete the QuikPub and post for real.


FAQs your users always ask
Flesh out some FAQs for your users or post a series of QuikPubs outlining what they should do in each circumstance. Then send them the Share URL. Updating your website may involve committee meetings and management approval, but a QuikPub belongs to you and takes seconds.


Course notes
Share lecture or other course notes quickly with friends or fellow students. Fill it with thoughts, links and questions.


Endless possibilities ★★★★★
Post anything. Share with anyone or keep it private — just for you. Until you share the URL, no one but you knows it exists.

A few QuikPubs I created earlier

“First test QuikPub” — https://QuikPub.co/3K5MIPZGWP

“Excel to SQL — Bridging the Gap Between Business Analysts and Developers” — https://QuikPub.co/THMWJII2AW

“What Developers Can Learn from Writers” — https://QuikPub.co/XL3HHFCFQF

“6 Stage Development Plan for a Solo Developer Building a New App” — https://QuikPub.co/PX41J2K46D

“Knowledge Sharing in Dev Teams — a Problem that Needs Fixing” — https://QuikPub.co/CHV4IH10MH